Mark just discovered ARCollect.

Now he stays on top of his receivables without worrying about staff performance and customer behavior.

Boost your cash flow ♦ Email smart payment reminders with invoices attached. Set your rules for automatic payment reminders ♦ Track all collection notes easily. Tag invoices with common reasons for late payment.

Take our free 30 day trial and discover how easy it is to manage and collect your QuickBooks and Sage One receivables with this online application.


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ARCollect is the premier accounts receivable management application for QuickBooks – Desktop and Online.

Cloud app – works instantly with QuickBooks Online, and all versions of QuickBooks Desktop: QuickBooks Enterprise, Premier, Pro – from 2002 through 2018.

Works seamlessly for Desktop users that are hosted with Right Networks.

Designed to manage high invoice volumes specifically for Desktop users .

Note: Our data sync process is unaffected by Intuit’s discontinuation of Intuit Sync. All our QB Desktop users can continue using ARCollect without any changes.

Multi-user system – for QuickBooks Desktop and Online

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Works seamlessly with Sage One as well.

View your Aging Summary with Contact Notes and Promises to Pay in one screen:

Click on the image below: it’s easy to manage all collections activities directly from your dynamic A/R Aging Summary:

Manage all your collections activities directly from your AR Aging Summary:

  • Sort; search; filter; drill down
  • Make notes, save promises to pay, set follow up actions
  • Send payment reminders via smart email system
  • User-defined aging periods: set up flexible aging buckets on the Aging Summary – and take action sooner by highlighting past due invoices instantly

ARCollect makes it easy to monitor customer behavior, and measure the effectiveness of your collections activities.

Perfect visibility – easily track the outcome of all collections activities.

Click on the image to see how easy it is to store and track all your collection notes and follow up action notes  >>

Customer contact note pop up

Promise to Pay Drill Down

Click on image to enlarge

This is your drill down list from the AR aging summary. You can easily generate a PTP report.

You’ve made contact with your customer. Your objective – secure a commitment to pay on a given date.

ARCollect enables you to attach a Promise to Pay (PTP) to an invoice. Once you’ve done that, you can track the outcome of the PTP, and follow up until the money is in the bank.

When the invoice is allocated in QuickBooks, ARCollect will automatically remove the PTP from your outstanding list.

Excuses excuses excuses – or genuine reasons for late payment?

ARCollect enables you to attach pre-defined reasons for late payment to the invoices in question.

You can easily categorize and quantify reasons for late payment – identify specific internal issues, or determine whether certain customers are taking advantage of you.

Keeping track of common reasons for late payment, enables effective remedial action to be taken.

Categorised reasons for non payment

Click on image to enlarge

Email - 121 stern

Click on image to enlarge

Note the Promise to Pay (PTP) information contained within the email

Email smart payment reminders that attach your unpaid invoices.

The result? Faster collections, improved cash flow.

Send a friendly reminder or a stern warning, depending on the aging period selected. ARCollect provides customizable templates that attach to each aging period.

Customer commitments to pay are included in the Payment Reminder detail.

Make your selections directly from the AR Aging Summary, and click Send.

Easily track emails sent to each customer.

Set & Forget: Automate payment reminders to be sent according to your rules. ARCollect works 24/7!